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Full text of "2019 Emails From Calabasas Regarding Homelessness"

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Re: Transient on Mulholland Highway 

Subject: Re: Transient on Mulholland Highway 

From: Marissa Feinsteina <> 

Date: 7/23/19, 9:31 AM 

To: Alicia Weintraub <> 

That's absolutely frightening!!! I'm sorry to hear this and I hope Lauren and her friends 
are okay. 

Last night at our Public Safety Commission meeting, Homelessness was placed on our future 

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On Jul 23, 2019, at 9:08 AM, Alicia Weintraub <aweintraub(> wrote: 

Thank you. Yesterday Lauren and her friends were having a lemonade stand and he walked 
by and scared all the girls v 

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On Jul 23, 2019, at 8:12 AM, Marissa Feinsteina <> wrote: 
Good morning Michael: 

This morning at 8:07 am I witnessed the male transient walking along Mulholland 
Highway heading in the direction of Calabasas High School. This male transient is 
believed to be sleeping and living in open space off the highway. My home is at the 
corner of Declaration Avenue and Mulholland Highway. I see him very regularly. I 
suspect this morning is walking to his encampment space. Thank you for your attention 
to this matter. 

Marissa Feinstein 

Calabasas Public Safety Commission 
Mulwood Neighborhood Watch Coordinator 
(310) 600-0533 

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11/14/19, 1:06 PM